Substation Design Suite (SDS) – Physical Design 7.4.2

Dear Substation Design professionals,

Here is the link for the recording of the latest webinar on the new release 7.4.2 if you have missed it.

What’s new in the release?

  • SDS physical Code Reorganization for future enhancements.
  • SDS about window now matches with AUD convention with licensing management.
  • SDS installer will now uninstall before re-install for versions 7.4.1 and further.
  • SDS content Editor reorganized with column sorting and new export/import abilities.
  • SDS Dialog boxes updated to open in center of working window and SBS branded.
  • New tool to extract Work-point coordinates and Work-point name from a selected part. This is to work with SDS P&C tools for control cable length.

For detailed explanation, please watch the webinar.

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