Step/Touch Voltage & EMFI in XGSLab

The state of the art of the electromagnetic (EMF)simulation for power, grounding and lightning protection systems

XGSLab (or shortly XGS) is today one of the most powerful software in both frequency and time domain.

XGSLab upcoming Rel.V 9.6

Step Potential is the voltage between the feet of a person standing near an energised earthed object.

It is equal to the difference in the voltage given by the voltage distribution curve.

Between two points at different distances from the electrode. A person could be at risk of injury during a fault only by standing near the connected object.

Touch Potential:

Touch potential is defined as the difference between the maximum Earth Potential Rise (EPR).

And, the minimum surface potential within a 1 m radius of the earthed plant.

Also, there are cases where the touch potential could be nearly the full voltage across the earthed object. If that object is earthed at a point remote from the place where the person is in contact with it.

EMFI (Electromagnetic Field Interference):

EMI is the result of an electric or magnetic field acting on a device, causing it to malfunction.

It is this interference that affects the proper functioning of a device.

EMI is a broad term that covers all interference from all frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum – DC, Quasi-DC, AC and RF.

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