Smart Grids – Grid Codes

NEPLAN (NETwork PLANning) Tool has a client-server architecture and can run in a multi-user environment. It is available in different levels configurations:

NEPLAN V10: Standalone application

The software application is used for a single user and runs directly on the desktop.

NEPLAN V10: Application and database running in the Intranet

In this case the software will be hosted on the Intranet server of the company and the IT responsible will administrate login, password and roles.

NEPLAN 360-Cloud: Application and database running on the Cloud

This license method is applicable for single and multiple users. In both cases a login and password will be distributed after purchase.

NEPLAN V10/360: Software as a service (SAS)

Many web services are available for this purpose. The NEPLAN server, which executes the service can run in the cloud or in the Intranet.

In NEPLAN Grid codes requirements are:

– Active power and frequency control; ramp rate control

– Reactive power and voltage control

– Fault tolerance / ride-through capability

Requirements can vary depending on the host power system characteristics and the level of penetration.

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