Junction Box and their types

Junction Boxes

An enclosure housing electrical connections are referred to as an electrical junction box. Junction boxes protect the electrical connections from the elements and prevent unintentional electric shocks from passing to people. An electrical conduit may include a small metal or plastic junction box. An electrical enclosure that contains one or more wiring connections is named a junction box. The box protects the connections, which typically have weak spots like wire splices, from the elements and unintentional touch. It is also a typical answer when upgrading an electrical circuit. The wiring between the field instruments and the control room will be made easier with the help of a junction box. A process plant may contain many field instruments, making it impossible to link each field transmitter to the control room individually with a cable. In this situation, a junction box can be used to remedy the issue.

Types of junction boxes

  1. Increased safety box
  2. Explosion-proof box

The junction box’s side would be used to enter the incoming cable, and its bottom would be used to exit the junction box. There are various junction boxes that are mostly manufactured of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

Hence, we must select the instrument junction box in accordance with the site of installation. The instrument junction box must be made of stainless steel if it is to be used offshore. Fiber-reinforced polyester must be used to construct the instrument junction box if it will be positioned outdoors.

Which elements should be considered while choosing a junction box?

  • Earthing
  • The direction of the cable entry
  • Breathers drain/plug
  • Material
  • Protection
  • Terminal type
  • Size of the enclosure
  • Temperature class

Commercial Uses of Junction Boxes

Many junction boxes are used in commercial electrical systems, and big systems may include hundreds or thousands of junction boxes. But how are these boxes integrated and placed inside the electrical networks of institutions?

  • Office and Retail
  • Distribution Centres
  • Manufacturing services
  • Medical Services

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