Intelligent Fogging Disinfection Tunnel


10 Reasons Why this product is better for Covid19 and other Viruses.

1. Uses Fogging Method instead of spraying. Automatic microwave induction start, and delay stop with four fogging ports in total.

2. It measures Body Temperature as “pass” or “fail” and assures that no one can enter your premises with Covid virus on their uniform or shoes.

3. Cloud based Attendance Tracking – It counts number of people passing through and helps follow the rules on maximum number of people per square meters and social distancing..

4. Uses Face Recognition and provides reports which can be remotely monitored or accessed via internet on regular basis.

5. Has an Automatic Hand Sanitizer to provide antibacterial resistance.

6. Reports support claims if disinfectant like SHIELDme™ is used then 99.97% of corona virus can be eliminated within 30 seconds of contact time. This product uses only natural elements and has been repeatedly proven to be safe for humans yet lethal against all of pathogens.

7. Heavy Duty. Made to last long. Constructed with powder coated galvanized steel.

8. Portal and easy to move the Tunnel to various locations on wheels.

9. Very low running cost.

10. Safe, Reliable & Cost-effective solution to get back to business.

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