Color / Grain Sorter Machine



With newly and more rational closed design of pulses and rice machinery, for dust-proof this totally meet the requirements of the food machinery.

The mechanical structure of pulses machinery is designed for reliability and stability, introducing the cooling system the service life and stability of the machinery.

The electrical and optical design is mean for simplicity, the optimized system structure reduces the complexity of the machine and improves the reliability of the machine.

Color / Grain Sorter Machine Working Flow:

  • Raw materials are put into the machine from its material hopper on the top.
  • vibrated by vibratory feeder and sliding along material chute into the zone of observation in sorting chamber through sensors and background plate.
  • Under the effect of lamps source, CCD sensor receives compound light from materials being sorted.
  • According to the light intensity and color changes, make the system produce output signal and drive solenoid valve(ejector) to work, ejecting the discolor grain to reject chamber.
  • And good materials continue to fall into the finished accept chamber.


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