CARL Source Healthcare


EAM and CMMS solution for healthcare 

The software dedicated to asset management in healthcare institutions 

Biomedical departments, technical teams, logistics support, IT resources… you owe it to your customers to provide services and assets that are safe, satisfactory, available, legally compliant and cost optimised. 

CARL Software has been designing maintenance and facilities management software packages since 1985. A partner associated with Biomedical Engineers (AFIB), Hospital Engineers (IHF) and the Organisation for the Modernization of Hospital Information Systems (GMSIH), we put out all the stops to help you to be able to face new constraints in healthcare. To do just that, we have developed CARL Source Healthcare, a comprehensive solution dedicated to managing biomedical assets and hospital technical facilities. 

A single software to manage your technical, biomedical and computer equipments 

  • A repository of real estate and assets (health records, surfaces, etc.).
  • Interactivity via .DWG diagrams (AutoCAD®), geographic information systems (ArcGIS®) and building information models (BIM).
  • CNEH Nomenclature.
  • Medical device vigilance alerts.
  • Management of service providers (contracts, guarantees, etc.).
  • Curative and preventive maintenance, safety, etc.
  • Automatic integration of regulatory reports.
  • Healthcare centre portal.
  • Budgets par UF.
  • Budgets broken down by functional unit.
  • Built-in connectors: M-GEF®, e-Magh2®, CPage®, etc.

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