CARL for Asset & Data Management with Artificial intelligence.

ASSET DIGITAL TWIN for technical equipment, real estate and infrastructure asset
  • In order to rise to these challenges,CMMS and TAM will evolve towards a technical platform combining management processes, big data and artificial intelligence.
  • This platform could offer new services such as predictive maintenance, maintenance assisted by augmented reality.
  • This concept can be adapted to all fields of activity, including industry, real estate, transport, healthcare, urban development, and more.
  • It is an essential component of projects related to Industry 4.0, smart buildings and smart cities.
  • Our future solutions are moving “…TOWARDS A UNIFIED ASSET MANAGEMENT PLATFORM”
  • This digital twin reflects the asset in several ways – a real-time operational twin, a graphical or cartographic twin, and a ‘life cycle and management’ twin– and is connected to the internet and integrated into the information system.


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