Basic knowledge on Automation Controls


Automation is not about replacing humans with machines but rather making it easier for the team to work in a high-quality manner by reducing the wastage and error.

It helps in increasing the safety of operators, reliability of plants and profitability of an organisation.

In automation various tests are executed with tools and software before & during commissioning.

Automation empowers industries to optimise resource allocation and reframe the business infrastructure by improving production and Quality. It uses various control devices such as PC’s, DCS’s, PLC’s to control various Industrial operations without significant manual support. It increases business agility by lowering operating cost.

PLC/DCS is the key device used for Industrial & Building Automation

SCADA for control and monitoring of processes for data analysis and effective decision making.

HMI is communication panel between operator and machine for control and monitoring.

iEngineering group is dealing with different types of PLC’S, SCADA, HMI like ABB, Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, GE Fanuc, Honey etc.

We are looking forward to providing Controls & Automation Services to our clients in Industrial Process & Building Automation.

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