Basic Engineering in the Engineering Base Plant Solution

Intelligent linking with the simulation saves weeks:

AUCOTEC’s Basic Engineering package starts with simple, highly efficient PFD configuration using predefined modules. The intelligent linking of simulation and engineering also leads to drastic savings of time and effort for FEED phases. The convenient handling of different scenarios facilitates precise comparison of them – including documentation and costing.

The linking of simulation and engineering system is very useful for your FEED process:

  • Intelligent connection to Aspen, Pro II, XLS and other applications
  • Easy handling of a large number of scenarios
  • Simulation data appears immediately after import in PFD, worksheets and material balance
  • Based on the FEED documentation in EB solutions can be created quicker and more easily
  • Reliable data quality, prevention of transmission errors
  • Significantly shortened FEED phase, saving several weeks per scenario

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