Another Level 3 Design project for a Solar Farm in Central-West of NSW -certified by Essential Energy, for one of our esteemed clients who have been developing innumerable Solar Farms all over the Map.

iEngineering Design team visited the site and congregated all the required data for the design package and provided exceptional services for integrating the Solar Farm into the grid.

The Solar Farm falls under Essential Energy Network & the following scopes are covered:

  • ASP L3 Design for Network integration of 11kv Line from Solar Farm to Ess E Network
  • Upgrade of 11kv feeder
  • New 11kv Recloser on the 11kv Feeder
  • New 11kv metering Transformer at the POC for power quality improvements

ARTC requirements were also fulfilled as part of the design as OHL from Grid to Solar Farm is crossing the Australia’s inland Railway Line owned by ARTC.

Our team is experienced of undertaking Design, Network Impact, Power System & Earthing studies for such Projects.

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