Want to complete Earthing Study but having difficulties in Earthing Design calculations? Have concerns about  permissible short circuit current or in sizing conductor cross section.

The Earthing Studies are usually done to:

To provide fault current return path, the calculation of Predictable Fault current and its distribution will help you to do the earth grid design.

The designed earth grid should incorporate in effective discharge of fault currents and lower the hazards caused by Earth Potential Rise and reduce the risk to operating personnel or equipment.

We help you determine the tolerable touch-step voltage, metal to metal touch voltages and the transferred voltages for typical situations & apply possible mitigation techniques to turn the system safe under all operating conditions.

At iEngineering group, we also help for reliable and cost-effective earthing design solutions to professionals and industries to build and optimize their grounding design complying IEEE, IEC, AS/NZS standard & other utility specific requirements.

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