Powerline Design

Underground and Overhead Line design for 11 kV/22 kV and 415 V distribution with Power Utilities…

Powerline Design

11kV/ 22 kVand 415 V distribution power line design and sub- transmission design from 33 kV to 132 kV are the key businesses of iEngineering Group.

Power line design is often required for:

Overhead line design

iEngineering Group prides itself on delivering outstanding Overhead Line (OHL) design solutions using the latest Engineering Design software. With our extensive OHL design experience, our team will not only comply with AS/NZS 7000 and NSP Design Standards, but deliver you a design solution that considers the construction methods to be employed. And we don’t just own the latest Engineering Design software, like Power Line Systems PLS-CADD, we have extensive real-world experience in using the software. This will ensure that we can model and analyse your most complex arrangements to both your satisfaction and that of any certifying authority. PCE also offer our design expertise to other engineering firms that require assistance with power line design modelling.

When you engage PCE, you can expect that all aspects of the Overhead line design will be managed professionally, including:

Underground Line Design

Underground (UG) Line Design is a complex task often requiring deep analysis (pun intended!). Some consider UG design to be as simple as drawing a line on paper, but this could not be further from the truth. PCE understands the intricacies of UG design gained from years of experience in designing underground power systems from Low Voltage to 132kV.

When you engage PCE, you can expect that your UG design will be thoroughly considered, including: