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Micro-dosing systems and volumetric dosers.

micro-dosing systems and volumetric dosers, built with high quality materials and components, are the result of extensive experience in this area of expertise and high skill construction techniques. micro-dosers means the ease of a system that is fully integrated into the process.[/cms_text_block][cms_accordion cms_accordion=”” active_section=”1″ el_class=”cardlist”][cms_text_block]

 weighing systems, machines, scales (weighers) for industrial plants.

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Automatic packaging machines

packaging systems offer a wide range of solutions for filling various types of bags and products. The packaging machines for solid products (powder, granules, pellets or flakes), whether foodstuffs or mineral in origin, offer a wide selection of functions including dosing, weighing, sealing and labeling. All using a compact, sturdy and economical packaging system. Automatic packaging machines offer the perfect balance between function and practicality with the advantage of efficiency.[/cms_text_block][cms_accordion cms_accordion=”” active_section=”1″ el_class=”cardlist”][cms_text_block]


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