Micro-dosing systems and volumetric dosers.

micro-dosing systems and volumetric dosers, built with high quality materials and components, are the result of extensive experience in this area of expertise and high skill construction techniques. micro-dosers means the ease of a system that is fully integrated into the process.

Flow equalizer for granular products
Single micro-dosing head for powders
Multi-head for micro-dosing powders by weight

 weighing systems, machines, scales (weighers) for industrial plants.

ND series electronic process weighing machine.
PDP series loss-in-weight electronic weighing machine.
NE series net weight electronic weighing machine.


Automatic packaging machines

packaging systems offer a wide range of solutions for filling various types of bags and products. The packaging machines for solid products (powder, granules, pellets or flakes), whether foodstuffs or mineral in origin, offer a wide selection of functions including dosing, weighing, sealing and labeling. All using a compact, sturdy and economical packaging system. Automatic packaging machines offer the perfect balance between function and practicality with the advantage of efficiency.

For preformed paper bags from 500 g to 5 kg.
VT400 series Packaging machine which uses reels of plastic material for packages from 250 g to 10 kg.


A selection based on the characteristics of the product to be handled.
Rotary packers for valve bags.
AP 300 series bagging machine, vertical screw compactor for open mouth bags.
Rotating bagging machine for open mouth bags, high production rates for powdery products.
The ideal, completely automatic bagging solution for open mouth bags in paper, raffia, plastic.
VT600 series form, fill, seal machine for bags from 5 to 50 kg. (3 seals).
ORT 1200 series horizontal packaging machine. Horizontal form, fill and seal. (2 seals).