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iEngineering is a proud distributor of the world’s best and intelligent engineering software products:

Engineering Services

Power System Studies,ASP L3 Design,Earthing and EMFI Studies,Substation and Industrial Design,Renewable Energy Design,Safety and Energy Audits

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iEnginering are quality suppliers of various types of hardware solutions..


Transformers,Power Quality Solution,LV Electrical Power Panels,HV Panels

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Our success is built upon a combination of technical competencies, and the principles of technical integrity, coupled with diligence, flexibility, and highest standards vital for our staff, contractors and suppliers. We are a diverse company and take pride in setting industry benchmarks as vibrant and innovative leaders, aiming for top quality workmanship embraced with safe working standards and superior customer service.

About Us

iEngineering Group is an energetic, flexible and open-minded team ready to work hard for its clients, striving for excellence.

iEngineering staff has consistently provided the highest quality product & support towards its customers. Our in-house Engineering Management team collectively holds over 30 years of industry experience in the field of Power, Electrical & Controls Engineering and Operations Management and over the years have successfully delivered projects and programmes to various Commercial, Industrial and Utility sector in the region.

Our success is built upon a combination of technical competency and the principles of technical integrity, coupled with the diligence, flexibility and high standards demanded of our staff, contractors and suppliers.

Software Solutions

NEPLAN – Power System Analysis


NEPLAN 360 is the first fully browser based power system analysis tool on the market and offers therefore all advantages of cloud…

XGSLab – Earthing, EMFI & Lightning Analysis

XGSLab Logo

XGSLab is one of the most powerful software of electromagnetic simulation for power, grounding and lightning protection…

Engineering Base


Plant engineering is characterized by skids, medium to large-scale projects with a large number of highly…

SDS – Substation Design Software


Substation Design Suite is a proven technology which provides 3D as well as 2D design module with capabilities of…



Carl Software is one of the top most maintenance management software in the world and has been in…

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Engineering Services

Power System Studies


iEngineering Australia is the Authorised Distributor of NEPLAN Power System Analysis Software…

ASP L3 Design / Substation and Industrial Design


iEngineering Group is an accredited level 3 designer with Trade NSW for electrical utility and mining in NSW…

Earthing and EMFI Studies


iEngineering Group is the authorized distributor of Grounding System Analysis (GSA), Grounding System…

Industrial Engineering


iEngineering Group provides automation and industrial engineering services …

Renewable Energy Design


iEngineering Group provide services in the following renewable energy sector…

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iEngineering are quality suppliers of various types of hardware solutions..

Industrial Supplies

HV and LV Panels


RMU is an important part of the secondary distribution system. We are supplier of fully assembled…



From power transformers and distribution transformers including the unique transformers to switchgear…

Power Quality Solutions


Power quality related with variation of voltage and current. The power quality problems can be viewed as the difference between…


iEngineering is capable of supplying different types of cables according to customers need…

Earthing and Lightning Solutions

iEngineering Group is the authorized distributor of Grounding …

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