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What are the different types of lightning protection?

In lightning protection systems, a lightning rod or conductor is a single component of the system. This conductor required the connection to the earth to perform its protective role.  A lightning rod is a metal rod mounted on a Building (any structure or house) and expected to protect the structure from lightning strikes.  Whenever the […]

The important points to consider for cable installation

The important parameters to consider while selecting power cables for installation are.  1. Voltage level: Voltage level needs to be considered.     1. Low voltage cable (0 to 1000V): Low voltage cables are used for industrial power installations in various fields like general industry, public installations, infrastructures, etc.    2. Distribution voltage cables (11kV,22kV): They […]

Smart Meters

How can smart meters reduce costs?  Do you want to reduce the cost of your electricity bill?  Owners of small and medium-sized businesses must end up making every dollar count. Finding opportunities to conserve money is crucial for this reason.  Monitoring systems are beneficial in this instance. For businesses, smart meters provide a number of […]

What are the applications of cable trays? 

Cable Trays Cable trays are the mechanical support system that provides rigid protection for electrical cables raceways, and insulated conductors used for electric power distribution, control, signal instrumentation, and communication. Metal cable trays are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The Cable trays can support all types of electrical wiring systems as:  Power […]

How to Choose a Cable Glands?

The cable gland is also called cable strain relief, cable glands are defined as mechanical cable entry which means they are used to attach the electrical cables securely to protect the equipment. Glands are common features of assemblies and electrical Power structures used to mount the wires and protect the cables. These devices are widely […]

What are power quality studies?

What are power quality studies?  An electric power quality study is a systematic analysis to identify power quality issues, look for the base causes, and tips for improvement in an electrical system. Those issues are surges, harmonics, high-frequency noise, transient voltage, wave distortion, interruptions, frequency variations, etc. Power quality studies are also meant to be a focused and […]


ACCREDITED SERVICE PROVIDERS’ RULES AND HISTORY:  The NSW’s contestable works scheme allows customers to choose which ASP connects them to the electricity supply. This competitive marketplace reduces costs and delays for NSW consumers connected to the power grid.   The ASP scheme is governed by the Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2001 and establishes a competitive framework […]

Smart water meter-Water management solution

Water Metering iEngineering has successfully developed intelligent electronic water meters with remotely controlled meter reading interfaces all of which have been applied in metering management and real-time monitoring system for tap water, clean water, and wastewater such as in water treatment plants, Factories, buildings, households, and apartments.  Smart water network management system combining Class C […]

How to choose the right batteries?

Battery In this blog you will know about: How to choose the right batteries?  What are the different types of batteries?  What are the factors to be considered while selecting the correct battery?  Batteries are like portable storehouses of energy. As we all know, how a battery works. The battery is useful to power up […]

Types of Power Quality Events 

Power Quality Solution Introduction:  Power systems have become polluted with unwanted variations in the voltage and current signal due to the use of nonlinear loads and sensitive electronic equipment. The demand for high-quality power is ever-increasing due to the deregulation of the power industry. Continuous monitoring is required because of the increasing demand for clean […]