EV Bench

“Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Education with Our Cutting-Edge Training Bench“

We are pleased to inform you that iEngineering Group can supply electric vehicle & charger training kits to your university. Our EV education kit includes the fundamental parts and building instructions that a student needs to create simple EV Projects. These kits can then be put together into various configurations to help students or staff to understand EV Technology.

Currently, these kits are used by many Universities & Tafes that are conducting EV training. We recommend that your university should also look into these concepts and improve student learning due to the growing demand for EV & ZEB.

In vocational education fields like hydraulics and pneumatics, electrotechnology, automotive, instrumentation and process controls, renewable energy, HVAC, and refrigeration, as well as in undergraduate engineering programs like civil, mechanical, environmental, electrical, and aerospace engineering, we provide a wide variety of technical training equipment to support teaching and learning.


Why Choose Us?

Equipment for automotive instruction is provided by iEngineering Australia. There are hardly any post-sale issues with our items, which are sold all over the world. The engineers at our organisation are skilled, knowledgeable professionals who can also tailor the automobile laboratory solution to your needs. Each order is handled by a team of professionals that work hard to ensure the quality of both the product and the service. Choose the greatest car education equipment to meet your needs.

Electric Vehicle Training Bench

 (1) Product introduction

The equipment is based on the actual drive system of the Chery EQ1 pure electric vehicle and is reassembled according to the original vehicle layout. The signal source and controller required by the system are completely installed, which can intuitively display the composition and working process of the pure electric vehicle drive system. It is suitable for the teaching needs of pure electric vehicle drive system theory and maintenance training.

 (2) Structural composition

High-voltage battery pack, maintenance switch, drive motor, motor controller, on-board charger, DC charging port, AC charging port, vehicle controller, combination instrument, diagnostic socket, ignition switch, shift knob, accelerator pedal, brake pedal, vacuum booster pump, motor cooling system, half shaft, braking system, movable stand, circuit schematic panel, etc.

(3) Features

  1. The real and operational pure electric vehicle drive system fully demonstrates the composition and structure of the battery pack, drive system, charging system and control system of the pure electric vehicle.

  2. Operate various switches and buttons and demonstrate the working process of pure electric vehicle drive system, braking system, charging system and other systems.

  3. Each electrical component line terminal on the training bench panel is equipped with a measurement port. Refer to the supporting circuit diagram or maintenance materials and use instruments such as oscilloscopes and multimeter to exercise students’ ability to recognize pictures and measure various signals.

  4. There are detection terminals installed on the panel of the training platform, which can directly detect the electrical signals of each circuit element of the automobile drive system, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency signals, etc. on the panel.

  5. The panel part of the teaching board adopts a 1.5mm thick Mold to form an aluminium alloy frame structure; the bottom frame part is made of 40*40*2.5mm cold-rolled square pass welding than hot-rolled square pass, with better strength, and the surface is treated by spraying technology. With spray treatment, it is beautiful, durable, wear-resistant, chemical-resistant, and UV-resistant. The training bench is equipped with a self-locking caster device, which can lock the casters to prevent the movement of the bench during use.

  6. Equipped with a fault setting and assessment system, which can set 8 different faults. The fault setting device adopts remote control mode, which can set convenient and concealed fault points.

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