Electrical Engineering

Electrical Design in the Engineering Base Plant Solution

From circuit diagram creation to cabinet design and standard conversion: the cooperative and integrated Engineering Base platform provides the basis for the electrical design of highly complex plants that meet the requirements of Industry-4.0.

The challenge

Electrical engineers breathe life into the plant – at the very latest when they connect it to the power supply. However, as plants become increasingly complex, so does the number of components require.

At the top of the agenda is, therefore, the overview of the plant, thousands of devices, including wiring, I/O assignment,and cabinet placement. In addition, the detailed planner must carry out the complete cabling of the plant based on topological conditions.

The solution

Experienced in innovation

For more than 30 years, AUCOTEC software systems have covered the full range of planning power supply for motors, pumps, valves, sensors and other components that make plants functional. This experience has been incorporated into the unique Engineering Base (EB) platform which as an Industry 4.0-compliant solution provides interdisciplinary cooperation and end-to-end data networking.

Creating circuit diagrams more easily

The highly efficient typical management (ATM) based on quality-checked templates from the EB database considerably speeds up the creation of circuit diagrams. It also offers the possibility of comfortably managing variants and options.

Your benefits

EB’s central database allows teams to work together smoothly, even if their members work all over the world, as everyone involved in the process always stays up to date. With all advantages:

1) Unique consistency of the data model for all connected disciplines
2) Changes are visible across disciplines
3) Highly efficient typical management
4) Wizards and automated processes ensure high security
5) Significant error minimization
6) 30 years of electrical competence with Industry 4.0 compliant architecture