HV Panel Design

HV Panel Design – In the Oceania/Pacific region, iEngineering provides high voltage panel design, production, and supply services. Our team always ensures that you receive the highest quality goods at the most affordable price. When developing your HV panels, we always make sure to include the following features: 

Distribution of HV switchgears-ieng

Primary and secondary distribution levels determine which switchgears are assigned. Short-circuited currents, high loads in switchgears for protection, control, and measurement are all features of primary distribution. Because the currents on the secondary side are lower, protection is frequently supplied on the primary side more than on the secondary side, using circuit breakers and isolators. 

Standards for the design and installation of HV switchgear

All the design parameters as per Australian/IEC standards are followed while designing and installing switchgears in the panel as per requirement. In many cases, a great deal of manufacturing and testing effort is only effective if it is mass-produced, and production is standardized accordingly. The technical data is provided along with design and all the panels are type tested. The quality of manufacturing is monitored by doing routine tests. 

Different parameter configuration for HV panel design

Grid voltage, grid frequency, earthing, neutral, and peak short-circuit connections are all parameters that fall into a pre-defined category. The conditionally selected category includes insulation level, over voltage protection, kind of operating region, and plant design. 

Bus-bar circuits

Single busbar, double busbar, busbar coupler, circuit-breaker, double busbar with common connection are different types of selection parameters used in busbar circuits. Bus-bar circuits are useful for carrying currents in the circuit in such a way that it goes through different types of protection. 

Switching devices

 Circuit breakers, switch, contactor, HV HRC Fuse are different types of devices used for protection, switching, frequency switching, etc.   

Outgoing feeder components

It includes cable termination, conductor cross section, etc. Also, selection of CT, PT, surge arrester and earthing switches

Equipments on secondary side for HV panel design

Equipments that are used in control, interlocking, switching fault protections. Equipments for monitoring & communicating, metering, counting, etc.  

Motorised drives, voltage test systems, resistors for PT, etc used on secondary side.  We provide customised solutions to our client as per their requirement and components connected to the HV panel.

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