iEngineering Australia Maintenance Excellence Consulting provides organisational assessments, implementation support and training to organisations that are committed to achieving greater performance through optimizing their existing Maintenance activities. We not only provide management advisory services to our clients, we support them through the critical implementation phase, and provide ongoing maintenance support.


We focus on successful implementation of Maintenance Excellence Platform that combines the following 3 building blocks:


We assist you implement a well designed, efficient, and effective LEAN Standard Workplace in order to deliver best-in-class results. We focus on;

Establishing systems for Measurement of Productivity and Efficiency appropriate to your business

Identifying unproductivity and inefficiencies in the business and working with your teams on mining improvements

        Survey areas include; maintenance management & expenditure, transportation and logistics expenses, plant and equipment OEE [availability, performance & quality], labour productivity, utilities/energy consumption, workshop and production consumables, Maintenance safety etc.

 Eliminating Wastage in the business by applying LEAN tools and techniques

     Waste of Waiting Times, Over-production, Over-processing, Unnecessary Transportation, Unnecessary Motion, Defects & Reworks, Inventory, Talent of Employee.

⇒ Implementing Computerised Maintenance Management System & Enterprise Asset Management System – CMMS/EAM


 We review and align your organization’s (1) strategic objectives, (2) key action items, (3) accountability settings [and timelines] (4) key performance indicators and (5)      resources requirements, putting you on course to achieve designed outcomes.

 Process Outputs include: Maintenance Plans and Individual Work Plan development and ensuring linkage to Performance Management and Development Programs, KPI Boards and Management Reporting Systems Implementation,


We assist your organisations improve Maintenance performance through robust business process designs and driving accountability

We use 4 levels of process design: (1) System Definition, (2) Pathway Clarification, (3) Connection Clarification and (4) Activity Quality Assurance.

We can provide your staff and teams with ongoing training, coaching and guidance to ensure sustainability of performance, ongoing management and process excellence, post our workshops. Training Areas include

1. LEAN Standard Work.


3. SYSTEMATIC PROBLEM SOLVING Tools and Techniques – Root Cause Analysis; DMAIC and 8D

4. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) & CMMS/EAM


Phase 1- Assessments

iEngineering can provide organisational assessment and a preliminary report to management, on a no fee and no-obligation basis. A basic report on coherent gaps in the business will be provided.

Phase 2- Execution Plans

On completion and presentation of phase 1, iEngineering can be engaged on a fee paid basis to conduct a detailed business analysis and to prepare a comprehensive observation report and recommended action plan. This work will generally be done on-site and with the assistance of the client’s management team.

Phase 3- Implementation Support

iEngineering can be engaged on a fee paid basis, to lead implementation of approved actions and to ensure its success during this critical phase.