Rice Mill


Pre-cleaner is used to remove extra-large impurities such as large stone, large soil clods, hemp rope and straw from raw paddy. This is done to optimize the storage life of the grain and to improve the quality of the product that has to be cleaned.

PCS Paddy pre Cleaner Single deck is intended for thorough cleaning of coarse grains at the intake stage. The machine is designed to remove all big impurities, straws, fine sand, immature paddy etc.It is suitable for Paddy,Wheat, Maize and Dhal. Sailent Features : Double deck – large capacity,Galvanized iron steel for longer life,Sieves are self-cleaned by rubber balls,Fitted with inbuilt blower for aspiration,Metal construction of machine & sieve boat,Separation of large impurities by pre cleaning drum
PCD Paddy pre cleaner double deck is used for cleaning large capacity of paddy with most efficiency. It is suitable for Paddy,Wheat,Maize,Dhal. Salient features:Double deck – large capacity,Galvanized iron steel for longer life,Sieves are self-cleaned by rubber balls,Fitted with inbuilt blower for aspiration,Metal construction of machine & sieve boat,Separation of large impurities by pre cleaning drum.
Cleaner cum de-stoner (CCD) Cleaner cum destoner is a combination of pre-cleaning and de-stoning. Large impurities, straw and fine dust are removed by the pre-cleaning drum. Stones are separated by the de-stoning screen at the bottom chamber. Entire process works under the concept of density difference.It is suitable for :Paddy,Corn,Wheat,Pulses.Sailent features:Less power requirement,Adjustable aspiration for varied loads,Totally enclosed dust free performance,Adjustable de-stoning chamber inclination,Round scalperator (separate drive) for effective pre cleaning,Heavy duty construction & low maintenance,Special dimple screens for accurate de-stoning
Perfect’s PDS series is used to separate impurities and stones from the grains by gravity difference. Since all the openings are sealed properly, there will be no dust around the machine when it is in use.It is Suitable for:Paddy,Rice,Wheat,Pulses.Sailent features:Low power requirement,Simple mechanism to save power,Inbuilt blower for aspiration system,Adjustable de-stoning chamber inclination,Special dimpled screen for accurate de-stoning,Rugged construction – trouble free performance
Vibro paddy cleaners are specially designed to separate oversized and undersized foreign bodies from food grains. VPC is employed for the efficient removal of stones, glass and other high-density matter from the grain stream. The throughput capacities vary according to product and degree of contamination.It is Suitable for:Paddy,Wheat,Maize,Soya,Dhal.Salient features:Large capacity,Robust construction,High cleaning efficiency,Totally dust free performance,Precise vibro motor alignment,No moving parts – low maintenance
Vibro de-stoner separates stones, and other impurities form grains on the basis of density difference by adjusting the aspiration system. The machine works in the principle of vibration, the complex mechanical drives are totally eliminated, which results in almost NIL maintenance and Very low noise level of the machine. All the doors are totally sealed and dust is sucked out by blower, thus the De-stoning area is free from dust. It is Suitable for:Paddy,Wheat,Maize,Dhal.Salient features:Totally dust free,Robust construction,Automatic discharge of stones,No moving parts – low maintenance,Vibrator frequency can be easily adjusted,Rubber balls to prevent clogging of screens

Rubber Sheller & Husk Aspirator

Sheller is intended to remove husk from the raw paddy. In manual sheller, all the operations are to be done manually, from adjusting the feed rate to controlling the pressure exerted by the rubber rollers. Suitable for:Raw paddy,Steam paddy,Par boiled paddy.Salient features:No need of air compressor,Cooling system for rubber rolls,Manual adjustment of rubber rolls,Taper lock pulleys for easy maintenance,DMR rubbers with taper lock retainers
Pneumatic Sheller is intended to facilitate the easy removal of husks from paddy grains. Input grain is passed between two counter-revolving rollers, which results in the removal of the husk from the grain. This machine is equipped with automatic systems that control the pressure exerted by the rollers, as well as the correct feed rate for the input grains.Suitable for:Raw Paddy,Steam Paddy,Par boiled Paddy.Salient features:Automatic system but without vibro feeder, Effective cooling system for long life of rubber rolls,Shelling percentage of paddy up to 95% can be attained.Manual adjustment facility provided.
Perfect’s SPV series is effectively designed to evenly distribute the feed across the across the entire rubber roller using a vibrator. Suitable for:Raw paddy,Steam paddy,Par boiled paddy,Basmati paddy Salient features:Liquid filled pressure gauge for accurate control of pressure on rubber rolls,Vibro feeding and rubber cooling system enhances rubber life up to 25%,With the help of sensor enabled panel, the rubber rolls automatically disengages when the input product flow stops,Feed rate is controlled by vibro feeder,Taper lock pulleys & adaptors for easy maintenance,Shelling percentage up to 95% can be attained
Suitable for:All types of grains.Salient features:In built blower requires no maintenance of impeller,Accurate separation of husk from mixture,Conveyor for uniform feeding,Stainless steel impeller and baffles for long life
Perfect’s husk aspirator is designed to separate husk from shelled paddy.Suitable for:All types of grains. Salient features:All husk flowing parts are made out of stainless steel,Dynamically balanced stainless steel impeller,Laser cut body parts,Compact design and low maintenance

Paddy Seperator

With enriched industrial experience and knowledge, we are providing an excellent tray type range of Paddy Separators under Rice Mill Machinery Segment. Mixture of paddy and brown rice passes into the gravity paddy separator, where the paddy and brown rice are separated effectively.

Salient features:SS tray for long life and perfect separation,VFD for speed adjustment to suit different paddy variety,Automatically stops when there is no grain in hopper,Heavy body, housings and shaft for stable performance,Balancing weight for long life of rotating parts,Easily adjustable tray inclination Substation Design Suite™ saves designers time by automating certain substation specific modeling tasks with specialized substation tools for above grade, below grade and equipment design.
Double Body Paddy Separators are designed for Medium and high capacity rice mills of 5 to 10 TPH. These machines comes with an automatic control panel and SS trays. Salient features:SS tray for long life and perfect separation,VFD for speed adjustment to suit different paddy variety,Easily adjustable tray inclination,Sensor controlled panel board for auto on/off
Machine rpm -260 rpm Foundation dimension in mm (LXW) (dia-18 x4holes) – 1174 X 800

Polishing Section

Standard whitener removes bran from the brown rice. Specially designed aspiration system takes away the bran produced during the whitening process.Suitable for:Raw rice,Steam rice,Par boiled rice,Basmati rice.Salient features:Gap between screen and stone can be easily adjusted when required,Heavy body for sturdy performance,Differential manometer to measure the chamber vacuum generated by blower,Digital ammeter indicates the load on motor,Degree of polishing can be adjusted easily
Modified whitener is specially designed for effective degree of whiteness and maximum yield of head rice with less percentage of broken rice. Rice is whitened very gently between abrasive grinding wheel & screen without distracting the original shape of rice kernel. This machines is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting degree of whiteness.Suitable for:Raw rice,Steam rice,Par boiled rice,Basmati rice.Salient features:Body constructed by tubular structure for rugged performance,Easy to maintain as the belt guard is detachable type,Degree of polishing can be adjusted easily,Digital ammeter for load indication on motor
Suitable for:Raw rice,Steam rice,Single boiled rice.Salient features:Super silky attachment for uniform mixing of water,High degree of polishing due to double rollers,Vacuum meter to indicate air suction of bran blower,Dozing pump for precise control of water used,Pump switches off when there is no rice in the hopper,Alloy steel rollers for longer life,High speed blower cools rice & assists in bran discharge
USP series is designed to gently polish the surface of the grain. Mixture of air & water is sprayed into the polishing chamber like a mist by means of a special atomiser.The use of water gives the output grains a shiny surface.Suitable for:Raw rice,Steam rice,Par boiled rice.Salient features:High degree of polishing due to long polishing rollers,Alloy steel rollers and screens for long life,Easy bran discharge from polishing chamber,Manometer to indicate air suction of bran blower,Dozing pump for precise control of water injected,Better yield of head rice with high degree of polish
Suitable for:Raw rice,Steam rice,Parboiled rice.Salient features:Machine can be used for regular polishing as well as silky (with pump on),Suitable for raw, steam and par boiled rice,Dozing pump for precise control of water usage,Negligible broken percentage, while polishing,High speed blower cools rice & assists in bran discharge,High degree of polishing due to long roller used (495 MM)

Grading Section

Sifter is designed to sort grains into different categories on the basis of size and quality. This machine is best suited for rice.Salient features:Compact design – saves space,Dust-free, hygienic operation,Easy clean-out,High throughput capacity,Continuous operation
Length grader is used for separating the broken rice from the head rice. When the rice is passed through the indented cylinder, broken rice is collected in a U trough and discharged by a screw conveyor.PLG 400 Rice length grader.Salient features:Accurate separation of broken rice,Compact size – space saving,Worm geared drive – maintenance free,VFD can be provided for better grading accuracy,Regrading system helps to separate head rice from tail rice
Perfect’s thick and thin grader is specially designed to separate the different thickness grains. When rice is passed through the revolving SS screen, the thin/immature or oversized grains are separated effectively.Suitable for:All types of rice.Salient features:Easy maintenance,Less power requirement,An integrated cleaning brush ensures perfect cleaning of screen,SS 304 cylindrical wire screen for effective separation
Bran tip filter is a simple yet highly effective for processing bran. This highly innovative product design guarantees smooth product flow and clean mechanism. The BTF is high performance technology with optimum hygiene and it’s quiet with very low noise emissions. To add on, this machine can also be used to clean fine powders like curry powder.Suitable for:Bran of rice,Wheat,Pulses.Salient features:Taper lock pulleys for easy maintenance,Heavy duty construction and low maintenance,Nylon wire filter ensures accurate separation (SS 304 wire screen ),Cylindrical brush for self-cleaning of wire filter

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