Poles, Wires, Insulators & Accessories

iEngineering can provide reliable products and services of high functional integrity, to help save, secure and uninterrupted supply of Electrical Power and Transmission of Communication Signals while observing health, safety and environmental standards.

Transmission & Sub transmission

  • Conductor accessories- hexagonal, twin, quad spacer dampers
  • OPGW & ADSS accessories- Clamps, brackets, cable racks, dampers, armour rod
  • Transmission line hardware accessories – 132kV to 1200kV Tension, Suspension, Suspension insulator, I suspension insulator String assembly
  • Transmission tower- We supply all kinds of transmission towers from 33kV to 400kV
  • Mono pole- We have type tested our 132kV Mono pole
  • Anchoring– We provide anchoring solutions for installation of modular structures used in emergency restoration deployment. We can provide full range of hardware fittings, accessories, foundation plates, stays / guys and anchors

Distribution & Mains distribution

  • Bolts N Nuts- sizes available according to customers requirement
  • ABC accessories- Overhead distribution line system can be categorized as either low voltage or medium voltage. Low voltage lines have an operating voltage up to 1kV. They may be either bare or covered. Covered lines may either be un screened or fully insulated ABC Accessories System. In LV Aerial Application, fully insulated ABC are increasingly as being used almost only alternative to bare overhead or underground system in different parts of the world because of their outstanding features.
  • Pole Line hardware- All kinds of Pole line hardware available
  • Poles & accessories- Adapter Plates for Brackets, Bracket for Apparatus Mounting, Brackets for Transformer Mounting, Heavy Pole Band – 3 Way 4 Way.


  • Earthing accessories- All kinds of earthing accessories available
  • Substation connectors- We specialises in the design and manufacture of galvanized steel structures for substations from 33 kV to 765 kV.

We can supply customized product according to customers requirement, depending upon quantity. To know more about our products in details, please do contact us.