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NEPLAN 360 can run on any platform remotely. It can analyse the steady-state or transient performance of the power system under various operating conditions.

The Load Flow calculation is the most fundamental analysis module for Distribution, Transmission, Generation and Industrial Networks. Any type of electrical power system can be modelled, such AC and DC systems; LV or HV; meshed, radial & SWER networks; and single phase or three Phase system etc. NEPLAN has numerically robust solver which provides the best calculation accurately and efficiently.

The other features include.

  • Calculation algorithms like Newton Raphson, Extended Newton Raphson, Voltage Drop method per phase, DC Load Flow.
  • Transformer regulation models like Voltage control On-Load Tap changers, Power control with Phase-Shifters, tap variation etc.
  • Convergence and initialization control.
  • Data validation and indication of equipment with erroneous parameters.
  • Limit violations and feasibility reporting.

Following Fault Analysis has been done using Load Flow Module in NEPLAN.

Kindly refer shared video indicating

  • Load Flow Calculation
  • SLD (Single Line Diagram)
  • Line to ground fault calculation
  • 3 phase fault calculation

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