Neara Point Cloud

An end-to-end solution for point-cloud data, all on one intelligent platform.

Neara Point Cloud is purpose-built for utilities to simplify and streamline all stages of geospatial data processing. Eliminate siloed systems with Neara Point Cloud, an all-in-one solution to host, process, classify, visualize and analyze your point cloud data.

Secure cloud-based data hosting

Process, manage and share terabytes of data. Secure cloud-based servers provide data management, access management, and file upload and download capabilities.

Automatic Data Cleaning at Scale

Point Cloud facilitates automatic de-noising and erroneous point reduction capabilities, which can be tuned and trained to suit a dataset’s unique characteristics.

Auto-classify raw LiDAR at scale

Automatically classify and extract features with accuracy and at
scale with machine learning algorithms, customizable to your client’s needs.

Dynamic Visualization

Visualize and interact with the point cloud in a dynamic 3D environment. Review, segment, quantify, and perform improved reclassifications on the dataset.

Analyze and deliver more with Neara Point Cloud

Expand your capabilities with powerful engineering and physics-based analysis at scale. Combine Neara Analytics and Point Cloud solutions to analyze:

• Quality reports
• Vegetation encroachment
• Grid hardening
• Asset correction, and much more