Generators-Backup Power Source

What are PowerGenerators?

Generators are machines that converts mechanical energy into electric energy in the form of voltage and current. 

#AC generators and #DC Generators both uses electromagnetic induction.

What is Prime rating and Standby rating

  • Prime Power is the main (prime) source of power on the site.
  • Standby Power (emergency power) is to be used when the main source of power fails.

Brands of Industrial Power Generators

  1. Perkins
  2. Cummins
  3. Mitsubishi
  4. Kohler
  • We have dedicated and continuous team aim to provide best quality products to our customer,   our main focused towards the customer satisfactions, the generators we provide have excellent quality,  durability, efficiency, and compact design.                       
  • The cylinder block of generator set is sturdy and durable, low vibration and low noise
  • Adopt in-line cylinder block design, stable operation, and high efficiency
  • Replaceable wet cylinder liner.
  • Long service life and easy maintenance  

Power Generator range we cover:

Portable generators


Inverter generators


Standby generators


Industrial generators


Induction generators


Applications of Power Generators

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