Thermal Equipments

iEngineering Can supply more than 100 of heating elements in global market.

Some of the product that we deal with:

1) Tubular Heaters (for multipurpose heating application).

2) AHU Heaters (has to be customised as per requirement as it is domestic product).
3) Hot air generators (LPG, DIESEL/ELECTRIC) for industrial application.
4) High Density Cartridge Heaters (For process Industries like Food, Plastic, Packing, Pharmaceutical etc.,).

5) Thermocouples/RTD (For temperature sensing from -200Deg to +2200Deg C) (For Industrial application).
6) Thyristor Power controller (Industrial Application).
7) Industrial Ovens & Furnaces from 100Deg to 1800Deg C (For baking, heat treatment application in any process industry).
8) Process Immersion Heaters (Oil, Water, Gas Heating).
9) Temperature controller, Timers, Power Supply units, Data loggers, Customized Instruments.
10) Bolt Heaters. Used in Power generation plants for Turbine maintenance.
11) We can also make any machined CNC components or fabricated components/parts as per customer design and drawing.(This can give large volume and regular business).

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