We have dedicated and continuous research to provide highest energy density battery from KW to MW with ample design life. These batteries are safely installed either in cabinet, communication racks for easy access and maintenance.

  • Sealable Maintenance Free Product Technology
  • Increased Performance and Extremely durable in extreme conditions.
  • Greater Life Expectancy and warranty available.
  • Easy Installation and Handling provides peace of mind.
  • Competitive price & short delivery time.

  Battery Range we cover:

  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • AGM Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid battery
  • Solar GEL Battery Valve Regulated Rechargeable Non-Spill able
  • Cabinet Energy Storage and Racks
  • Battery for three-wheel electric vehicles
  • Battery for Electric Car

Battery Charger Enclosure:

Battery Enclosure with ventilation in accordance with AS/NZS2676.2.  It has battery Housing for 4 *L6V110 battery and Battery Charger. 

It is Gray tray white powder coated IP21 rated floor standing with wall mounting tabs. Enclosure is 488W x 390D x H, (mm)

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