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XGSLab is easy to use by engineers who need not to be necessarily experts in the specific field. Moreover, XGSLab is accurate, stable and very fast for simulation.

Everything possible has been done to enhance user friendliness and increase productivity to this powerful tool.


The following table summarizes the main applications of GSA. GSA_FD and XGSA_FD.

Application GSA GSA_FD XGSA_FD
Grounding (equipotential systems) Yes Yes Yes
Grounding (general conditions) Yes Yes
Cathodic Protection Systems Yes Yes
Magnetic Field Yes Yes
Electric Field Yes
Electromagnetic Interferences Yes Yes
Fault Current Distribution Yes
Corona Effects Yes


XGSA_TD can be applied in order to analyse current and potential distribution in the time domain on underground and/or overhead conductors energized by means of current or voltage transient.

Moreover, XGSA_TD can calculate the distributions of earth potentials and electric and magnetic fields in the time domain.

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